The Foundation of Reiyukai

The Reiyukai was founded by the great duo founders Mr. Kakutaro Kubo and Mrs. Kimi kotani in Japan in the year 1920, just after the first world war. The duo founders founded Reiyukai with the belief that the practice of Saddharmapundariksutra in daily life would make the human living and our society better and prosperous and at the same time the laymen could also practice the Teaching of Buddha. The Reiyukai Teaching is the Teaching that protect the ancestors of both sides of families. There is no partiality between male and female in the Reiyukai Teaching.

Mr. Kakutaro Kubo-The Founder

The Founder of the Reiyukai great guru Kakutaro Kubo was born on Mr. Kakutaro Kubo-The Founder January 7, 1892 in the Chiba prefecture at the city of Kominato in Japan.

He founded Reiyukai in the autumn of 1920. He guided that even the laymen could follow the Teaching of Lord Buddha in their daily life by means of Saddharmapundariksutra without being a Buddhist monk. He left us for his heavenly abode on November 18, 1944.

Mrs. Kimi Kotani-The Founder

The Founder of the Reiyukai the great guru Mrs. Kimi Kotani was born on Mrs. Kimi Kotani-The Founder10th January, 1901 in the Kanagawa prefecture in the city of Miura in Japan.

She married to Mr. Yashukichi Kotani, the elder brother of Founder Mr. Kakutaro Kubo on June 27, 1925. She engaged herself in promoting the activities of Reiyukai in collaboration with Mr. Kakutaro Kubo. She dedicated her entire life to the mission of spreading Reiyukai Teaching in accordance to the guidance of Mr. Kakutaro Kubo and actively engaged herself for the welfare of the society. She established Meiho Senior High School in 1964. That very year she constructed the Mirokusan Practice Centre for young members of Reiyukai in the Sizuo prefecture at Izu city. She left us for her heavenly abode on February 9, 1971.

Mr. Tadashi Masunaga- Our Guru

Our guru Mr. Tadashi Masunaga was born on Mr. Tadashi Masunaga- Our GuruJanuary 16, 1907 in the prefecture of Fukui in Japan. He was the husband of our Guru Mrs. Sadako Masunaga and father of the Founder President of Eurasia Reiyukai Mr. Yushun Masunaga.

He devoted his whole life implementing great guru Kimi Kotani's guidance as well as guided the innumerable general Bodhisattva's to apply the guidance in order to show the fruitful result.

He had the honour of being designated as the vice-President of Reiyukai Japan on February 9, 1976. He was nominated as the Senior Advisor on November 18, 1993. Finally blooming the great flower of Reiyukai Teaching he returned to his heavenly abode at the age of hundred years on February 24, 2006.

Mrs. Sadako Masunaga- Our Guru

Our Guru Mrs. Sadako Masunaga was born on Our Guru Mrs. Sadako MasunagaFebruary 10, 1909 in the Fukui Prefecture in Japan. She was the better-half of our Guru Mr. Tadashi Masunaga and mother of the Eurasia Reiyukai Founder President Mr. Yushun Masunaga. She devoted her entire life according to the guidance of great gurus by practicing Great Reiyukai Teaching in order to bloom great flower and to show the good result. She was an active shibucho attached to the Reiyukai 8th Branch in Japan. She returned to the heavenly abode at the age of 98 on July 20, 2006.

Mr. Yushun Masunaga- The Founder President of Eurasia Reiyukai

Being an eldest son of duo Guru Tadashi Masunaga & Sadako Masunga, Eurasia Reiyukai Founder President Mr.Yushun Masunaga was born on 19th february 1932 in Japan.

In the decade of 1970, he came to Nepal via India and started practising one & only teachings of the universe of Ittenokyomyo based on Saddharmapundarika sutra being propagated by the duo great Gurus and which was handed down to him by duo gurus in Eurasia Reiyukai region.

He had established organizations in Nepal, India, Myanmar and Bengladesh of Eurasia continent in order to produce innumerable common men who can contribute to the world peace.

On 18th June 2003 Eurasia Reiyukai Founder President received the Mihata of Eurasia Reiyukai. He gave his guidance and strictly groomed the members for nearly 50 years, establishing eight Mihata branches as follows 11th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 22nd, 25th and 28th in Nepal. Similarly, 18th & 21st Branches in India with Main Hall shall be utilized by the members in practising the teaching in respective Mihata Branches.

He often said "My mortal body will vanish but I shall ever remain looking at your practices from your Gohoza in the form of Gohomyo."

He left for heavenly abode on 2nd May 2023 at his residence in Japan.

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